Visalia – House Cleaning Services

kitchen dining roomWe like to welcome you to our house cleaning services located in Visalia, CA. There are many reasons why we are a highly rated cleaning company based off our clients reviews.

Our team of professional maids have lots of experience serving thousands of homes and buildings. In addition to that, they provide top notch customer experience as they are always looking to make our wonderful clients happy.

They put 120% effort in their work and it shows when you see how neat and tidy your house looks afterwards.

Having your own personal maid doesn’t have to be expensive as we offer affordable prices. Give us a call and get a free quote and we can start working on your home today.


Why choose us our house cleaning services:

-We love putting our years of experience and skills to use. Seeing how happy our clients are makes us proud of all the hard work we put into our craft. Providing a house that is comfortable and clean to live in and grow is one of our many goals.

-We charge a fair price so everyone can enjoy the pleasure of having their home cared for by a professional house cleaner. Please know that having a professional work on your household is many levels different than doing it yourself. It’s comparable to cooking your own meal versus eating a meal made by a top famous chef. 

-You can rest assured that our maids are trustworthy, reliable and professional at their jobs. We handle everyone’s home with care as if it were our own household. Our team has built a good reputation among our city and a long history of doing right by our customers. 

-Our carefully handpicked selection of tools and cleaning supplies are not only efficient in eliminating germs, but they are not toxic and are safe to use. We do our research and only use products that will not bring harm or cause your family to be sick afterwards. 

-Our maids have tons of experience which allows us to offer a whole range of home cleaning services. We offer services ranging from a small apartment all the way to a big commercial building and a standard home cleaning to a full deep cleansing.

-We pride ourselves on having a lovely team that everyone likes. As a result, our customer satisfaction is at an all time high and we keep striving to have more happy and repeat customers. 

soap with towelkitchen area

Things to consider if you are not sure you need our assistance:

Are you thinking of renting out your extra space/room to make some extra cash on the side? A few months ago I went to help my friends check out some apartments for rent. Afterwards we realized a lot of spaces aren’t properly cleaned and the rooms were a deal breaker to them. Don’t let a disgusting & messy room deter your  potential renters.

Maybe you’re considering using Airbnb to host your unused rooms. If you want to keep up high reviews and attract more customers you’ll want your room to be neat and tidy. A majority of our clients with homes to rent out tell us how much of a big difference we made. Having a room that looks good makes a big impact on whether a potential customer would want to live there or not.

Here are some things our clients have said about our maid service:

They really went above and beyond and completely blew past my expectations. My house looks like someone used a magic brush and made everything spotless.

– Shannon


I was really lazy and wanted to surprise my wife who was coming back from her business trip. I didn’t have time and energy to clean and plan a fun dinner date so I hired someone else to clean for me and let’s just say my home feels amazing and I’ll be sure to call them again in the future.

– Mike


I was pleasantly surprised to see how passionate they were. My maid was very happy and gave off such a positive energy which I love. I’ll definitely have to rely on her again in the future.

– Sally

We are grateful for allowing our clients to trust us with such an important task that everyone’s home needs. Therefore it is only right that we deliver the highest quality house cleaning in Visalia, CA for a reasonable price. Call us for a free estimate and we can get started working for you ASAP.